iClicker Cloud, Reef, and Classic

Reef Education vs iClicker Cloud 

You may have seen references to a product called Reef Education. This is the former name of what is now iClicker cloud. The Reef name and branding is still retained in the student version of the software. Students will sign in through a REEF branded page in OWL or through the iClicker Reef Login Portal, but the instructor branding is for iClicker Cloud

iClicker Classic vs iClicker Cloud

iClicker classic is an older desktop program that can also accomplish the goal of gathering clicker data. The focus of iClicker classic is storing physical clicker data to the local computer instead of in the cloud. If you are concerned about storing your data in the cloud, and you are only interested in using physical clickers, you can download iClicker Classic. iClicker classic is not available on the campus computers, however it can be run directly from a USB key on a campus computer. Data will be stored on the USB key as well.  

There is an ability to link iClicker cloud to your iClicker classic session, however if you do this then your data will still be stored in the cloud.