Start a Poll or Quiz

Most instructors will use polls for most of their classes. The difference between polls and quizzes are the number of questions answered at once. While polls are answered one question at a time, a quiz allows students to go back and forth and choose answers for many questions, and submit all of the answers at once. Starting the poll or quiz will allow students to join the session and open up the floating toolbar.


Step By Step Instructions

Step 1: Polling is the default option. To start a poll, click the green “Start Polling Session” button

polling image

Step 2: You will see a polling toolbar



Step By Step Instructions

Step 1: Select the drop-down arrow next to the “Start Polling Session” button

choose arrow next to quizzing

Step 2: Choose “Start Quizzing Session”

choose quizzing

Step 3: Fill out the pop up with the quiz name, number of questions and points per question. Note. In a quiz you can only have multiple choice questions 

reef quiz dialog

Step 4: A toolbar will appear on top of your content