Polling - Questions

Making Polling Questions

iClicker questions are contained within instructor PowerPoint presentations, keynote presentations, Prezi, internet browser, pdfs images, or anything else you might have on your screen. iClicker takes a screenshot to give context to a given question but none of the questions are entered into the system in text form. To ensure your students have a good view of your questions, you should make sure that your content takes up the whole screen before asking a question

Asking Polling Questions

There are 4 different questions types:

  • Multiple choice – The student sees 5 potential answers (A-E)
  • Short answer - The student will see an input box that accepts text
  • Numeric - The student will see an input box that accepts numbers
  • Target question - The student will see the screenshot from the instructor and be able to place a dot on the provided image.
All questions are asked using the same steps, but they have different results.

Step By Step Instructions

Step 1: To ask your students a clicker question, Make sure that your content is full screen. In the floating toolbar, select “Polling”. This will open up the question bar.

 polling selected

Step 2: Select the type of question you would like to ask

multiple choice select image 

Step 3: Press the play button

question type bar

Step 4: The Question Bar will change to show you how much time has passed, and how many students have answered the question

extended question bar