Create a Course

The first time you sign in you won’t have any courses listed in the system. There will be a large blue button that will allow you to create your first course. The next time you log in, your course information will take up the central part of the screen, but you will still be able to add courses through the “New Course” button at the top left, or the + button at the bottom left. Enter the required information

Step By Step Instructions

Step 1: Click Create a course, New course, or +

make course image

Step 2: Fill out Course information. Your institution should populate automatically. The course name will help students find your course easily. Make sure that the end date is correct. By default, it is 6 months after the creation date of the course.  When the end date is reached, the course will be archived. Although optional, putting the course id in as shown below will help students find your specific section of the course. The same applies to putting in the course meeting times. If there are similarly named sections, the course times will help students identify your course.

make course dialog