Getting Started

The first step for an instructor who wants to use clickers in class is to download the iClicker software. iClicker Cloud is the recommended software, and it is the focus of this documentation. Most instructors will use iClicker Cloud.

 Download iClicker Cloud

iClicker Cloud supports both physical and Virtual clickers. For an explanation of the difference between physical and virtual clickers, please see Physical Clickers Vs. Virtual Clickers 

For instructors who would like to use only physical clickers and do not want any data stored in the cloud, there is another option available called iClicker Classic. For an in-depth comparison of the two options, as well as the download link for iClicker classic, please see: iClicker Classic Vs. iClicker Cloud

On the first day of class, you may want to guide your students in signing up for your class. We have provided these slides explaining the process: Student signup presentation - pptx.pptx