As questions pop up with iclicker, we will list answers and solutions to common problems here:


Students are being prompted to purchase the iClicker software. Isn't iClicker free?

On sign-up, students receive a message that they are part of a 14 day free trial. However this message can be ignored. Students are able to use iClickers free of charge because of Western's license.

There have been some reports that some students have received an additional prompt to purchase access in addition to this message. As of September 20th 2017 this issue has been resolved and students should no longer see this message. If you or your students are prompted to purchase access to iClicker after this date, please report it by sending an email to presswestern@uwo.ca 

Aside from this site, how can I get help with clickers?

Please send specific questions to presswestern@uwo.ca 

I have a class of over 300 students and many of them are receiving connectivity issues. How can I fix this?

This problem can be drastically reduced by changing two settings in your iclicker app. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Open the iclicker cloud application from the desktop
  2. Choose your course from the left hand menu
  3. Click the edit button in the top right corner
  4. Go to polling(top bar on a Mac, side bar on windows)
  5. In the default Polling screen:
    1. Under “Send a picture of my screen to student devices” choose “Do not send a picture of my screen”
    2. Under “Results” choose “Do not send results”

How do I change my email account/student id?

Students should use a western email account and enter their student ids as the first part of their email address (eg jdoe5). After account creation this can be changed by following these steps on this page: Updating Student Profile.